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Chef Tara Thomas
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New York city based chef of Che at Sincerely Tommmy Eat & Stay coming Autumn 2019. As a restaurant consultant based in New York City Chef Tara Thomas travels and develops a palette and creative fusion cuisine. With value to the well-being of individuals when she's in the kitchen and serves it up in style. Your health is equally valued to your experience with her.

Driving a community based business model Tara is constantly traveling for inspiration and exploring to pursue depth. Food is so grounding and essential in each of our lives, there is much to change in the world around us by creating the right relationships in the industry.


Eating is a daily ritual that allows us to refuel, indulge, and experience our senses. Our bodies furnish these nutrients and change the way we perceive and integrate into the world.

Tara seeks to combat social, environmental, and health issues with her culinary art in order to catalyze a change in perspective of individuals. Food is medicine that fuels your thoughts and actions, direct source of energy from the sun.