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Chef Tara Thomas
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New York city based chef and restaurant consultant of Veganizer New York City Chef Tara Thomas values the well-being of individuals when she's in the kitchen and serves it up in style. Your health is equally valued to your experience with her. Tara has been a whole foods based vegan for over 3 years, she also avoids gluten and soy ingredients. This lifestyle and diet has allowed her to explore allergy and lifestyle cooking, which has resulted in her premier cuisine. By listening to her body she was able to adjust to a lifestyle and diet without neglecting flavors. She's inspired by the world around her and is driven to present her dishes in an artistic, healthful, and inspiring way.

When you decide to elevate your evening,  into a luxurious occasion where your guests are not only nurtured with nutrients but nurturing the earth with your environmentally conscious event. As a 100% plant based, health conscious, and earth friendly centered service we take as many steps to sustain that. It is utilizing as many locally sourced plant-based ingredients, compostable serving ware, and more!


Eating is a daily ritual that allows us to refuel, indulge, and experience our senses. Our bodies furnish these nutrients and change the way we perceive and integrate into the world. Plants directly hold the most amount of bioavailable energy from the sun, as well as a diverse amount of nutrients. Curating dishes that will not only nourish your body, but your mind and soul in order for you to exist at a higher vibration is the ideal approach to sustaining healthy lifestyle.

Tara seeks to combat social, environmental, and health issues with her culinary art in order to catalyze a change in perspective of individuals. Food is medicine that fuels your thoughts and actions, direct source of energy from the sun.